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Creaxin1 (RASTER 2005-2007)

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Creaxin1 is new freeware tool for IBM/PC with OS Win9x. It make possible to create package of Atari programs/games, which will be stored in S/XEGS RAMcart 128KB by C.P.U.
Title Creaxin1 comes from "Create X in 1". It means this tool creates ROM image or Atari executable feeder program for X programs in one cartridge.


Xin1 Atari SXEGS RAMcart feeder (load data to RAMcart)

Xin1 Atari RAMcart menu

Screenshots and photos

Making the programs' package.

Each program has own detailed informations.
There is also possible to change name 
and/or loader location.

S/XEGS RAMcart 128KB by C.P.U.

Generated XEX feeder program load and store data
to RAMcart.

Each time RAMcart is activated,
menu with all the programs is showed on screen.

It's easy. Press key from A to X and relevant program
will be loaded and started immediately.
(Also there is allowed selection by joystick 1 or 2
or by keys select/option and start.)

Small 3V battery keeps content of RAMcart memory when Atari computer is turned off
or when RAMcart is pushed out of cartridge slot.
So, you can have your favorite set of programs and games ready at hand every time. :-)

Download Creaxin1


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